Wednesday, 25 November 2009

CPP Aardvark Doorstormers

finally .... its here

CPP Aardvark DoorStormers from pie face on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 November 2009


just had our presentation

It went well

That is all

Sunday, 22 November 2009


just a couple of things i missed out with the ideas and inspirations.

One of the initial things mentioned whilst talking as a group was the idea of basing the door around some of the items/ areas within the Harry Potter books/ films.

There were 2 main areas when looking into this. These were the Room of Requirement and the Mirror of Erised.

Each of these things show/give the viewer what they desire, what they would like to see. These concepts link directly with our piece and spawned many ideas which are featured within my sketchbook.

final music

didn't say how long it would be.

I felt that

Walk in Space by Fingathing

was the best choice. The music had a solid base line whilst the top beat kept you interested. The music seems calming at first, drawing you into the music. This works well for our video as the aim is to draw the audience in and take them on a journey of our imaginations (ish)

The music holds enough differences to keep the audience interested but also keeps a distinct tempo and rhythm. The use of a single track means the audience is lost within the piece, time slips away. This isn't just idle chat. I tried the music and the piece out with a few people and the first comment was, 'No way was that 5 minutes' (steven swanborough)

Lets hope you enjoy it

Song choices

As part of our video, we wanted a really good piece of music that could be attached to the piece. As all the pieces were varied in length, we felt that a single music track would be the best option which could be as is, or edited so that it could be extended to the length of the composition.

Out of all the music tracks that Chris found, it was whittled down to just 3:

far from refuge by god is an astronaut

Walk in Space by Fingathing

Keystroke by Her Space Holiday

The final choice will be revealed later on.

My interpretation

From the very beginning, ideas were coming thick and fast from all members of our group (the 3 out of 4 that were there anyway).

Here are some of the things that inspired my ideas:

My style is very much inspired by the art work from Heroes (TV series) and the illustrator Tim Sale. I have mentioned this artist in my own, personal blog.

Here is a link:

My love of films also inspired many of my ideas, so much so, that i had a whole page dedicated to doors from films/ based on films. My Third idea within the CPP Aardvark film, an epic 6hr drawing but only 1 minute of footage, was based around a collaboration between Men in Black 2 and Monsters Inc.

The idea of another universe/ galaxy behind a door intrigued me, espcially when playing with scale. Would the other world be much larger or smaller than our own. It all depends on which side of the door you are on.

The idea then developed into as i began to think about the first DVD that i owned and still have. Monsters inc. plays on a similar, different universe concept but actually involves a door. I then decided a characterised version would be more suitable for the overall theme as i wouldn't want to open a door to a bunch of monsters that want to kill me.

That is all for now

time line of drawings

As part of our piece, we wanted all the work to be kept as a secret, that everyone was treat equally and that the unveiling was as much as a shock as we could possibly get it to be.

As Chris has already mentioned, we had managed to accomplish this as people are still asking us, 'What is behind your door?'

Its just a void, an empty canvas which our ideas can be projected. It is whatever you want it to be. A mystery, a new world, an idea, a disaster, it is anything!

Here is a time line of our work in week 2.

By the way, the images are in reverse order so i suggest looking at the bottom image first : )